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All Saints Church, East Stourmouth

  An unusual feature of the church is the double door - opening the door in the porch reveals another, inner door immediately behind it, opening the opposite way!

Click on the links below to see the stained glass windows and the memorials in this lovely little Saxon church, or browse this page for general views of the church interior.

  stained glass memorials





The organ still has the pumping lever sticking out of the left of the cabinet.  My mother used to pump an organ similar to this at the London Road Methodist Church in Dover as a young woman.  She later graduated to playing it.



The font stands just to the left of the door at the rear of the church.  On the wall next to the font are lists of the incumbents of the church and the last people to be baptised here in the 20 years before the church was made redundant in 1979 (20 children, 2 adults), including 6 members of the Whitehead family.