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The villages of East and West Stourmouth lie close to the point where the Little Stour meets the Greater Stour.  With a population of approximately 250 - stable since at least 1841 - this is a small and friendly community with a number of historic buildings.

The church of All Saints has been redundant since 1979, but is kept up and open for visitors.  The last baptism Listed in the church was on 9th June 1974. However, I have been informed by a researcher from the Canterbury Cathedral Archives that, according to the registers, the last baptism at the church was in 1994; one of several baptisms which took place after the church was closed.
For lots of information about the history of Stourmouth, please visit Leslie Huppert's excellent site.

    Fancy an evening meal in pleasant surroundings, or just a lunchtime pint? Drop in to The Rising Sun in The Street, East Stourmouth.  The earliest part of this old village pub was built as a bakery in 1372.  Bat and Trap is still played here.

    Next to the pub is Stone Hall Farm.

    Nestling beside the narrow village street is this quaint thatched cottage.

    Glimpsed over the top of the garage is the Old Post Office, closed in the 1970s and now a private dwelling.

    Opposite the Old Post Office is Waterlock Farm.

    This is the view down Church Street from outside the church gates, showing the farmhouse and oast houses of North Court Farm.