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Dover Many Dover pages now updated with historical information from John Bavington Jones' Perambulation of 1907 and Annals of 1916 (and later reprint).
Tragic Family The Whitfield couple who outlived 11 grandchildren (NEW 10/9/2010)
Deal Pictures of Deal and Walmer, then and now
War Memorial Deal & Walmer War Memorial in hospital
Kingsdown Pictures of Kingsdown, then and now
Folkestone Pictures of Folkestone, then and now (updated 10/8/2010)
Villages Pictures of East Kent villages, including Alkham, Coldred, Littlebourne, Shepherdswell, Stourmouth and Temple Ewell
Eastry Eastry village and church
Sandwich Town and port of Sandwich, and its churches
Mining A brief history of mining in East Kent, with pictures of the mines then and now
Cinque Ports The Cinque Ports and the Lords Warden
Royal Marines  
Weights & measures  
Local books  


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Look here for a list of London Transport staff who were killed in action in WW2
Beer Family Family history web pages - (opens in new window)

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