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Tragic Whitfield Family

This stone stands just outside the porch door of St Peter's Church, Whitfield

The picture (above) tells the tragic tale of William and Mary Cross, who outlived all but one of their grandchildren.

William Cross was born about 1755, and lived to the ripe old age of 79; his wife, Mary, was born around 1759, and reached the age of 90.

Their son, also William, was born around 1796; his wife, Jane, was born around 1899.  They had a total (that we know of) of 12 children: 5 boys and 7 girls.  The first 11 children all died in infancy:

Mary Jane

Clara Jane



Frances Mary







Died November 3rd 1821

May 1st 1822

April 8th 1824

May 21st 1825

September 3rd 1826

August 28th 1827

September 19th 1828

November 13th 1829

March 7th 1831

December 1st 1833

August 15th 1835

Aged 15 Months

2 Days

2 Days

1 Day

3 Days

1 Day

11 Days

14 Days

3 Days

11 Days

5 Days

William (snr) died on September 4th 1834, having outlived the first 10 grandchildren; Mary followed on July 11th 1839.

Another daughter, Marian, was born in 1840.  Jane died, aged 66, on January 1st 1866; Marian survived her mother by less than 10 months, following her to the grave on November 12th 1866.

William (jnr) survived another 14 years, passing away at the age of 89 on July 10th 1885.